Welcome to Experimental Air Parts, the home of C.H.E.A.P.* industries
*Custom handmade experimental aircraft parts, TM

The source for custom parts and improvement ideas for your homebuilt aircraft

We specialize in increasing the fun in functional by providing the parts to make already good designs just a
bit better or more capable.

Are you interested in getting a bit more off field performance for your Glastar? We can help you!

Would you like to use electric servos to control your heat/vent, oil cooler, etc? Lets us help you!

Have a custom machined part in mind that you need to keep your project on track? Let us know!

We can provide most services that you might need to help keep your project moving forward, or help with upgrades to your flying plane to help make it just what you want.
With Cad/Cam design capibility, CNC milling, lathe, Tig, Mig, and Gas welding, we can do what it takes to get you in the air!

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